Start a blog for free & make money- 6 easy steps

Start a blog for free and make money
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Blogging has become a popular choice among people. Unlike other professions, It has many conveniences and advantages. You can do it from home or the office. You can also pursue it as a hobby. Basically, in many ways, you can start a free blog and make money for yourself. 

Blogging has proven to be a good earning source of money. Therefore more and more people are looking for ways to start a blog and make money. 

These 6 easy steps will help you get out of the dilemma. Discover how to start a free blog and make money:

6 steps to start a blog and make money

1. Select a topic (research on it)

Before starting any website selecting a niche is a must. You must know what your audience likes, what you like, and how you are going to deliver it.

You should select a topic that you enjoy talking about because, in the long run, it is all about passion. But make sure you do proper market research before committing to a topic. Always select an in-demand and profitable topic. 

Try to go for a smaller niche. But The more specific you are the better you will be able to engage with your audience. 

You can use various tools to begin your research like Google Trends, Answer The Public, etc. You can search even more deeply with the help of AdWords Keyword Planner or Premium SEO tools.  

2. Create an account on a blogging platform

(Blogspot and WordPress)

The easiest way to start a blog is using a blogging platform like Blogspot and WordPress. All you need is a Gmail account to start your own blogging platform. 

Blogger is a free space and has multiple features for the users. Hence, It is ideal for beginners. The setup process of Blogger is quick.

WordPress also offers free services but most of its good features come with subscriptions. Moreover, WordPress has more advanced features and it is easier to customize a website on it. 

You can begin your Journey on Blogger and then move to WordPress. Many successful bloggers have followed this path. It helped them start a blog for free and make money.

Hence, Both blogger and WordPress are one of the best blogging platforms for beginners to make money.

3. Select a name

Selecting the name is also a very important part of setting up a website. Your website’s name reflects the identity of your site. It also helps in Index ranking. 

Make sure your blog’s name is available as a domain. Try to get the domain name also because it will strongly mark your internet presence. 

Make sure your URL and blog’s name are similar. Otherwise monetizing blogs will be very difficult for you.

Note: If your website’s name doesn’t match your content then it acts as a disadvantage while indexing. 

4. Select a theme 

New bloggers often underrate theme but it plays a key role. Good theme results in a good user experience. Make sure you include a good user-friendly theme. 

A theme should always be compatible with mobile and other devices. It should look neat and simple and must have SEO-friendly features in it. The font should not be very messy so try to keep the colors light so it becomes easier to read. 

A good SEO-friendly theme will bring you a step closer to earning money through blogs. You need not necessarily buy an expensive theme. A lot of free SEO-friendly themes are also available on the internet. You can go for them.

Try to incorporate your theme with your Niche. For instance, for a health blog, a green or blue-colored theme always works better. 

Note: Try getting feedback on the theme from others. Because Honest feedback on user experience can help you improve things.

5. Post blogs– Start a blog for free & make money

This is the deciding factor for your website. CONTENT IS THE KING. No matter how beautiful or aligned your website is, if the content is not good enough it’s a waste. 

Make sure your content is informative and adds value to the readers. Make the blog posts SEO-friendly and include infographics to make them interesting. Effective SEO strategies will bring the audience organically to your website. 

Keep it long with highly valuable content and know the needs of your audience.  

Also, don’t forget to include other pages like About us, contact us, terms & policies.

Write a well-versed about us page. Because it will be helpful in connecting with your audience and they will get to know more about you. 

6. Get Google Adsense

Getting Google Adsense will help you make money through blogging. Make sure you follow the rest of the steps perfectly. Then getting Adsense approval will not be a tough task for you.

You can earn revenue after your website gets approval. 

It is the simplest and most investment-less way to earn money. But you need to have the patience to make your blog a big hit. You need to post consistently high-quality content to keep your users hooked to your website.

Make your content valuable and follow the right SEO techniques. Consequently, you can earn a good amount from your website. 

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FAQs- Start a blog for free and make money

Can I start a blog for free & make money?

Yes absolutely. As long as you have Adsense approval and your content is of high quality. Make sure that you maintain quality, quantity, and consistency on your blog. 

First of all, you need the following things to begin your money blogging journey:

  • A hosting platform
  • Domain name
  • Content management platform
  • Theme
  • Adsense approval.

Now generate high-quality content around your niche and you can expect good results. 

Do blogs make money anymore?

In 2022, you will find many professional bloggers. For many people, it is a full-time job and it can be a stable source of income. As long as you post good content you can have revenue flow. 

From being a hobby to a full-time professional job blogging has covered a long path. As estimated every month, over 409 million visitors view over 20 billion pages. Content marketing touched around $412.88 billion by the end of 2021.

Can free blogs make money?

Yes, even a free blog can earn revenue for you. You just need to get AdSense approval and gain visitors. Many people generate money from their free blogs. If you are patient and a passionate blogger it can be a full-time career for you. 

Are Blogs Good for business?

Blogs have always profited businesses. It can help you mark an online presence for your business. Every other business is going online or creating a website. Especially to increase its reach and get a digital hold. 

Blogging can help businesses in attracting and nurture leads, as well as capture and engage with new and existing consumers.

Is Blogging for beginners?

Blogging is for everyone who enjoys writing. Above all, You can enjoy blogging from anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection and a good device. 

It is actually quite simple to establish a blog. In 5 minutes, anyone can create a blog and with proper consistency, they can generate good revenue from it. 

How to start a blog for free and make money on youtube

You can earn revenue through Adsense on Youtube also. But the process and requirements are different here. 

Vlogging replaces Blogging on youtube and promotes video-based useful content creation. You can create engaging content and generate revenue through Youtube-like blogging this also takes time and consistency.