Best blogging site for beginners- Blogger vs WordPress

Best blogging site for beginners: Blogger vs WordPress

The first step toward establishing a blog is creating a website. But which is the Best blogging site for beginners? 

The Internet has plenty of blogging options. But which one should be the launchpad for your new blogging website?

Blogger and WordPress are the most talked-about platforms among Money bloggers. Both these platforms have made blogging convenient for every beginner. They offer plenty of features. But Before hopping on a blogging platform you must know the qualities you need while blogging. 

What qualities to look for in a blogging platform?

Your blogging site must have:

  • Ease of use– A blogging platform should be easy to operate. As the majority of bloggers are not professional web developers so the blogging platform must be simple. It must provide them the ease to set up a good website.  
  • Flexibility– Flexibility enhances the ability to use a platform. Similarly, A good blog hosting platform avoids the technical hassle and provides flexible methods
  • Functions and features- Strong power and features can be a game-changer. You can utilize them to create an excellent website. This will add volume to your user experience and attract more visitors. 
  • Monetizing your Blog– It should be easy to monetize. Make sure that you easily handle all the ads and track your pageviews easily.
  • Support– A good support system acts as the backbone of a website. It helps design and manage the website.  If you ever get stuck on your website then the right support system can clear the path for you. Make sure your blogging platform has a strong customer support service. 

Blogger and WordPress both match these qualities. They are among the best blogging platforms. But which one is better? Let’s find out

Best blogging site for beginners- Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger- Best blogging site for beginners?

Setting up a website

Blogger is a very easy-to-use platform. A blog space on Blogger can be created within a few minutes only. You will not face any technical hassle on this platform. 

The process of setting up a blog is very easy on Blogger. You can start a blog by signing up on Blogger’s website. 

Designing your website 

Blogger is a simple blogging platform. Features and services are limited. There are a lot of theme options available but for customizing these blogs you need to be familiar with HTML. 

Posting blog posts

Posting and editing a post is very easy on Blogger. Although it offers limited text editing features. But you can include infographics, images, videos, etc.   

It also has space for labels, tags, and meta descriptions which are efficient in SEO. You will not get an additional SEO tool here. But you can go for third-party SEO services to improve your website performance. 

Running ads and earning revenue

Embedding Google Adsense in Blogger is the easiest. You can also experiment with your Ad Space and edit how your ad is running. Surprisingly, editing ad layout is easily possible on Blogger.  

Blogger offers a dashboard that allows you to track your pageviews, top referrers, and top locations. You can also check your searched keyword and know more about your audience through this dashboard.     

WordPress- Best blogging site for beginners?

Setting up a website

Setting up a website is very easy on WordPress and customizing it is even easier. A Free WordPress account has limited services but enough for setting up a decent website. If you have a premium subscription to WordPress. You can enjoy multiple features and set up a good website easily.

Designing your website 

Coding is not necessary to set up a website on WordPress. WordPress has multiple Plugins with extensive services. You can install these plugins and enjoy additional features while blogging. 

WordPress offers both premium and free themes which are SEO friendly. The themes offered on this platform have excellent UI/UX. They are very easy to customize.

Posting blog posts

Blog posting and editing are simple on WordPress. It offers a block editor and multiple text editing features to enhance your blog posts. You can easily include pictures, videos, and other media on the WordPress website. 

You can also use the popular SEO tool, Yoast SEO. It makes SEO easier on your blogpost and increases blogpost rank on Google. 

Running ads and earning revenue

Running ads is easier on WordPress. You can easily apply for Adsense approval. WordPress has its own WordAds program and you can go for that also. 

WordPress ads can be worth it if you are earning good traffic on your website. Having a custom domain on the WordPress platform can be a plus point for you. 

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Blogger vs WordPress (Conclusion)

  • Blogger and WordPress both are amazing for beginners. But Blogger has limited features while WordPress offers an array of facilities on its premium subscriptions.
  • Both platforms are easy to use for beginners. WordPress needs no coding while Blogger may need coding while customizing the theme.
  • Posting Blog posts are easy on both platforms. But with WordPress, you customize better and use its SEO tools to increase your reach.
  • Running ads is a piece of cake on both blogging platforms. You can easily apply for monetization on both sites. But make sure you follow the guidelines of Adsense or any other monetization platform. 

Blogger is good for beginners. Here you may express your ideas and opinions. But if you want to get deeper into blogging migrating to WordPress is a better option 

You can begin your journey with or and later on shift to a self-hosted blogging website. 

You may also shift from Blogger to WordPress once you have established a good audience base. Blogger is free and easy to use so comparatively it is a better option for beginners. 

FAQs- Best blogging site for beginners

Is Blogger the same as WordPress?

Blogger and WordPress are different blogging platforms. They offer an easy blogging experience with numerous features. Blogger is owned by Search engine Giant, Google. The American company, Automattic owns

To avail of all features in WordPress, you need to purchase its premium plans while Blogger is completely free.  But both of them are good for new bloggers. With the help of a few tutorials, you can also get familiar with these blogging platforms. Once you are used to them you can enjoy blogging like a pro.  

Does anyone still use Blogger?

Blogger is considered one of the best blogging platforms for beginners. It is one of the oldest and most popular blogging platforms. Hence, millions of active users enjoy its free services to deliver quality content on the Internet.

You can begin your journey here with only your Google account.  You can enjoy blogging on a blogger in an easy and simple way without any additional expenditure. 

Is Blogger good for blogging?

Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms. This blogging software is owned by Google and it is highly recommended for new bloggers. 

Blogger is really easy to use and absolutely free. It provides a terrific option for both beginners and experienced bloggers. Google-owned Blogger is a wonderful place to start if you’re interested in creating your own blog space.

Are Google sites good for blogging?

Google sites and new bloggers are perfect matches. Hence, A Google site is very convenient for blogging. It integrates with Google Drive and other Google apps. Google account dashboard allows direct access to the Google site.

Are BlogSpot and Blogger the same?

Blogspot and Blogger are frequently mixed up. While Blogger is a free blogging platform with blog posting features. BlogSpot is a free domain registration service that can be availed on Blogger. 

They’re both products of Google and they’re utilized in tandem on the Blogger platform.