Best Hill Station to visit in Maharashtra


Maharashtra has a lot of beautiful hill stations. We are attempting to provide some best information regarding the top 7 Best Hill Station to visit in Maharashtra.

Top 7 Best Hill Station to visit in Maharashtra.

Amboli Hill Station

Amboli is a town in Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg district. This hill station is located at a height of 690 meters above sea level. Amboli is the final mountain-top resort before the Sahyadri hills’ southern crest begins the coastal plain, with lush woods and the Rocky Mountains.

A stunning panoramic view of the Kangkan Coast can be seen from the summit of Mount Amboli. Colonel Westrop, a British political agent, transformed Amboli into a mountain station after the construction of the Ghat Road near the coastal town of Wingura in Maharashtra’s southern state. To Belgium, that is.

With an annual rainfall of roughly 750 cm, this mountain station is the wettest in Maharashtra. Amboli is one of Maharashtra’s few hill stations with views of the sea. During the rainy season, there are clouds.

This hill station’s major attractions are Hiranyakeshi Temple, Hiranya Keshi, Nagarta Falls, Narayangad, and Mahadev Gad. The closest airport is at Belgaum (64 kilometers), while the nearest railway station is Savantwadi (28 kilometers). You have the option of staying at the national complex.

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Chikhaldara Hill Station

In the Amravati area, the lovely Chikhaldara hill station is surrounded by several tourist attractions. Find out when the ideal time is to visit Chikhaldara and learn about nearby attractions, activities, and other information.

Formerly known as Keechakadara, where legend has it that Bheema beat Keechaka in a fight and flung him into the valley now known as Chikhaldara, situated in the Amravati region of Maharashtra, where Maharashtra ends and Madhya Pradesh starts.

The site is the only coffee-producing mountain station that is filled with diversified flora and fauna among the stunning beauty of nature, and it is located 1088 meters above sea level.

What is the best way to travel to Chikhaldara Hill Station?

The closest airport to Chikhaldara is at Akola, which is 150 kilometers away. Tourists may take a taxi to their destination. Bandera, 110 kilometers distant, has a railroad station where taxis to Chikhaldara are available. Nagpur, which is barely 250 kilometers away, may be reached by automobile.

Tourists from Nashik, Mumbai, and Pune should take a train or a fly since the destinations are more than 525 kilometers apart, and Aurangabad locals may take a long time. Over the middle 357 kilometers, it takes six hours to travel.


Gaganbavda is one of Maharashtra’s most picturesque hill stations, therefore it’s no surprise that it’s drawing a lot of filmmakers from the Marathi and Hindi film industries. It is located near Kolhapur and provides a spectacular view of the Konkan coastline area.

Gaganbavda was called such because of its vast height above sea level since ‘Gagan’ means sky, and many settlements in the state finish with the word ‘bavda.’ The cold winds and a shroud of fog envelop this picturesque hill town during the monsoon season. Furthermore, a plate of hot ‘Bhajiyas’ (Pakodas) and a steaming cup of Chaha will spice up your moments (Tea).

You may also travel through the woodland to the Gagangad fort, see the mutt or monastery of Gangangiri Maharaj, a saint, and the creative and enigmatic Palsambe monolithic temples nearby.

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Dandoba Hill Station

A 25-minute drive from Sangli, the Dandoba Hill Station Reserve is home to a diverse range of vegetation and animals, as well as some historically important antique monuments. This reserve’s hills are a popular destination for trekking, and an annual mini-marathon held at Dandoba Hill Station is a popular event.

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar is a lovely hill station in the Satara region of Maharashtra, India, noted for its refreshing climate and breathtaking scenery.

It provides a beautiful perspective of the plains, as well as lush green woodlands that are gorgeous and wonderful. Mahabaleshwar, at an elevation of 1372 meters, provides a beautiful and cool setting that draws visitors from all over the globe.

It is Maharashtra’s most popular hill station because of its steep slopes, flowing waterfalls, mountains cut into the rock, and emerald green splendor. The strawberry festival, which takes place in the spring months, is a great time to visit Mahabaleshwar. Every year. Tourists will find a plethora of additional fantastic alternatives waiting to be explored.

Khandala Hill Station

There’s no need to leave this balloon if you want to discover the actual wonders of heaven; just go to Khandala and you’ll find everything a person could want. Surprising tourists with beautiful natural vistas. with its stunning scenery of gleaming valleys, majestic waterfalls, lush flora, and lovely ponds

This lovely hill station is located in Maharashtra’s western ghats at an elevation of 1,800 feet. When it rains in Khandala, the enchanted delicacy is at its greatest, and the blossoms exude a delectable charm.

Many visitors go to this location during the monsoon season to enjoy the healthy atmosphere, amazing vistas, and lush green surrounds.

Though it has a tumultuous history, Khandala has seen the rise and fall of great kings such as the Peshwas, the British, and the Marathas, and it is home to some exquisite mansions that proudly stand in honor to the period. Real.

The lovely site will amaze visitors with its spectacular beauty. It is a resort that appeals to both budget and rich vacationers. With all of its wonderful features, Khandala is an ideal destination to spend quality time with your loved ones. in a serene and tranquil setting

Jawhar Hill Station

Jawhar, 165 kilometers from Mumbai and nestled in the Sahayadri Mountains, is regarded as Thane’s Mahabaleshwar (as it was located in the Thane district of Maharashtra and is now part of the newly created Palghar district). Maharashtra’s most popular hill station.

Jawhar has a strong cultural identity and a long history dating back to the 14th century. Jawhar was founded in 1306, and it functioned as a Maratha camp station for King Shivaji and his army on their way to Surat. When the British ruled India, Jawhar hill station was part of the Mumbai Presidency.

Jawhar has a limited amount of lodging, and there are no premium hotels. Choosing a host family, on the other hand, allows you to experience the Jawhar people’s traditional hospitality. vacationing at resorts that cater to the budget and mid-range traveler.