How to get more views on YouTube shorts

How to get more views on YouTube shorts

YouTube Shorts content creators are often worried about How to get more views on YouTube shorts? 

My YouTube shorts are not getting views” is the constant query of creators. You might have been creating amazon content. But what is restricting more views on YouTube shorts?

In this article, we will go through a few tips and tricks. Eventually which will help you understand How to get more views on YouTube shorts?

What are YouTube shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a new short video format launched by the video platform YouTube. These short videos are launched to compete with other trending platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels.  

YouTube Shorts videos are only 60 seconds long but they have huge potential in them. One viral video and your whole channel will explode with followers, likes, and comments. 

This feature of YouTube was launched in 2005, Till now, o YouTube shorts videos have gained over 5 trillion views. But these short videos are still not monetized. 

How to upload video shorts?

Uploading YouTube Shorts videos is very simple. You just need to follow these steps

  1. Click on the shorts icon. Now shoot or upload a previously recorded video.
  2. Edit your video before uploading it. Because this will add a professional touch to your YouTube shorts.
  3. Select your target audience by clicking on the Add Details window.
  4. Add relevant details like a title, thumbnail, description, and hashtags to your video. But do not forget to add #shorts to your videos. 
  5. Now upload it. Your YouTube Shorts video will go live in a few seconds. 

Best time to upload shorts on YouTube in India?

Your uploading time can play an important role in your video’s performance. So you need to select the best video uploading time. The best uploading time for shorts on YouTube in India is:

  • Monday to Friday (9 am -10 am) and (7 pm – 8 pm) 
  • Saturday and Sunday (After 11 am)

How to get more views on YouTube shorts?

You might be working very hard on your video. But maybe your videos are not bringing effective results. You may be wondering why my YouTube videos are not getting views. 

YouTube is a very competitive platform with 51 million YouTube channels, it is hard to stand out. But you can make a few effective changes in your strategy and your channel can boost its performance. 

Here are some of the most discussed tips to help you get more views on YouTube shorts.

Tips 1: Attractive Thumbnail

In YouTube shorts videos you only get 60 seconds to impress your viewers. But first, you need to grab their attention with your video. An attractive Thumbnail will help you in this. 

Thumbnails are like the face of a video. They create the first impression. Hence, it is important that your thumbnail is intriguing. It must captivate the attention of your audience.  

Ensure that your thumbnail has the following qualities:

  • High resolution– Thumbnails should always have good picture quality. Otherwise, they leave a terrible impression,
  • Neatness– Your thumbnail should look neat and clean. It must have some space so that it doesn’t look cluttered. 
  • Clarity– Ensure Clarity in your Thumbnail. Because this will help you convey your message properly. 
  • Relatability – Avoid misleading thumbnails. Because relatable thumbnails will make sure that your users trust you.   

Tips 2: SEO optimization of YouTube Shorts

YouTube follows the same algorithms as any other search engine. Hence, Good SEO can improve your visibility. This is how you will get more views on YouTube shorts.

There are a few factors that will help you in SEO optimization for YouTube Shorts:

  • Keep your Videos short
  • Understand Your Niche
  • Optimize your video’s Title
  • Create Custom Thumbnails
  • Use hashtags like #shorts
  • Write Detailed Description
  • Add more value to your videos
  • Connect with your audience

You can read more about SEO for YouTube shorts- How to rank YouTube shorts in 6 steps in this article. 

Tips 3: Use the‘ Featured section’

The features section of YouTube comes with a lot of advantages. YouTube algorithms automatically recommend the users’ videos in the ‘Featured section’. The algorithms favor the video that the users might like or could be useful for them. 

YouTube Featured section videos are suggested on the basis of browsing statistics, viewing history, and other information which the video platform has collected over time. 

Here is how you can add YouTube Shorts videos to the ‘Featured’ section. 

(Please ensure that you already have a few published YouTube short videos on the platform). 

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account. Click ‘Your videos’ present on the left side of the navigation bar. 

Step 2: When the studio page opens up, click on customization. 

Step 3: Click on the Layout tab in the right window. Select the add section. To add the YouTube Shorts category, select Short videos from the list that appears next.

Step 4: Add Short videos to Featured sections. Click publish and save the changes. 

Tips 4:  Analyse your performance

Analyzing performance might look like the most boring part. But it is the most profound step that you can take to improve your performance.

Analyze what your audience likes, Which type of content they prefer, which content is bagging the most views and why? 

YouTube Shorts is not monetized but it can increase the overall engagement on your channel. It is the easiest way to connect with a new audience and bring more users to your channel. Therefore, Make sure you make the best out of them.

So analyze these tips carefully and learn How to get more views on YouTube shorts. 

FAQs- How to get more views on youtube shorts

How to Promote YouTube shorts?

YouTube Shorts videos bring views which will ultimately get added to the channel’s total watch time. They are not monetized but they are a great way to attract a new audience. 

The best way to promote YouTube shorts is by using the #shorts hashtag. YouTube Shorts is still a new feature. Hence, the video platform is itself promoting it. You can use the #shorts to promote your short video. As a result, the algorithm will automatically boost your video performance. 

How do YouTube Shorts go viral?

There is no hard and fast method to make a video viral. A video can go viral in one day or a year. Hence, You need to create content that is simple and instantly impacts your audience. It can be a funny video, a scene captured on camera, or anything. 

Firstly, you need to understand your audience and the content they are consuming.  Then follow the relevant SEO practices. This is how you can get more views on YouTube shorts and make them viral.  

How can I boost my YouTube Shorts?

Getting views on YouTube shorts is simple only if you follow the right strategy. You can include SEO tips in your video. Make your content more engaging and easy to understand.

Also Add an attractive, clear, and simple thumbnail in your video and use the rest of the steps mentioned above. 

At last, always analyze your performance to bring out the right reforms in your video.